Installation checking

  1. To keep vigil over the pilferage of energy , installation Checking Wing co-ordinates with all subsidiaries companies i.e. MGVCL , PGVCL, DGVCL & UGVCL.
  2. Central control room is operative, where anyone can give information regarding theft of electrical energy. The telephone nos. are 1800-2333030 (toll free from BSNL Lines) & (0265-2356825)
  3. Information received is handled confidentially and should the informer desires so, his/her anonymity is preserved.
  4. In GUVNL website, there is a provision of on-line submission of information regarding power theft.
  5. For submission of such information, which is general in nature, informant doesn’t get any monetary reward.
  6. To encourage people to come forward and submit information, erstwhile GEB had introduced a scheme of case reward (based on recovered amount dur to submission of information) as an incentive.
  7. For eligibility for getting cash reward power theft informer has to submit detailed information in prescribed format. The Name, address and amount to informer are kept strictly confidential. The same scheme is still operative under GUVNL Vigilance Department, as well as in the subsidiary DISCOM’s = PGVCL, DGVCL, MGVCL, UGVCL.
  8. Installation Checking Squads are functioning in each O&M circle in each subsidiary company MGVCL, PGVCL, DGVCL & UGVCL, to take appropriate confidential actions on such power theft related information.
  9. MASS CHECKING DRIVES are arranged in the selected area as per requirement of subsidiary DISCOM’s, as and when required